How long until I will get the stands?

Normally, we can ship orders without graphics within 1-2 business days. We can also expedite a shipment, on occasion, although “Rush Charges” may be added to your order. Orders with graphics normally ship within a week of final approval of layout and design.

Are graphics included with the stand?

Graphics and lettering can be added to your order at an additional charge. We add graphics to the vast majority of our orders. We also maintain your design specs and electronic files for easy reordering. It has been very common for customers to add a player sometime after their original order and want just one additional stand with their logo… not a problem.

How do we get graphics on the stands?

We use computer cut vinyl lettering or a large format digital printer for full process color.

Does EM-BEE ideas create the designs and logos?

Yes, we can. Send us your ideas or sample artwork. We charge a small fee to set up your new custom logo.

Can you supply graphics for stands we may already own?

We can supply Ready-To-Apply graphics. You may wish to add a graphic to a Bass Drum or stands purchased earlier. Some bands change their name or have updated their logo and the stands are in great shape. It is not as hard to do and EM-BEE ideas can supply your needs. We’ve even added a movie to show you how easy it is…

Click here for wmv or Click here for mov.

What height of stand will I need?

We recommend the 24″ standard stand for sit-down playing. Some people may think it is short, but it will allow most of the sound of the band to project into the room. Trombone players will also not have to fight the stand for slide room. The 40″ stand is recommended for all players that stand. The intermediate stand is good for drummers, singers, leaders, bands that don’t use music and people who just want a tall stand. We can also customize the stands to any height under 40″ for an additional charge of $5.00 per stand.

How do you ship orders?

Normal shipments are UPS ground. We charge a minimum handling and shipping fee of $25.00 per order. Expedited orders can be shipped via UPS Next Day, Second Day, etc. to meet your special needs. Expedited shipping costs are added to your invoice.

How much does it cost to ship overseas?

Overseas shipments are all made via UPS Air International. Shipping charges are based on dimensional weight (or volume). We can estimate the cost of your shipment when we have a final order. We also need exact shipping information including address, postal codes, phone number and contact person who will receive the shipment. Last minute changes can substantially impact final shipping cost. These charges will be added to your order.

What about taxes?

Currently, EM-BEE Ideas charges only Missouri residents the state sales tax.

What about overseas taxes and duty?

Our shipper (UPS) will contact you prior to attempting delivery. They will inform you of any duty or taxes and will collect it at delivery. They will also clear any customs. We have yet to have a problem with any of our overseas shipments.

What is the average stand life?

EM-BEE ideas has been making the Poly Band StandTM since 1985. We have been told by our customers that they don’t wear out! I would say that we have replaced only a small handful of the thousands of stands we have sold during the past 25 years.

How do you clean the stands?

Soft cloth and mild liquid soap. Do not use cleansers or scrubbing pads. Window cleaners or 409 will help remove any trouble spots. The only exception are full color printed graphics, where we recommend that you NOT use cleaner directly on the graphic.

What is the difference between the standard and economy cases?

Both cases have a heavy nylon cover (similar to many of the gig bags currently made today) with zipper closures and web strap handles. The economy case
will hold 5 stands. The standard case also has a 1/4″ padding and nylon internal lining with the interior seams bound. It will hold 8 stands.

Do I need the Shelf Wires?

Our original intention of the shelf wire was to create an internal and attractive way to add weight to the stand

when playing outdoors. Lakefront jobs, oceanfront jobs or just real windy days are a problem for all brands of music stands. At the same time, we designed it to function as a shelf and as a stabilizer for the stand-up stand. In most cases, they are not needed and are sold separately.

How do we attach the shelf wires to the stands?

The wires have a 90-degree bend and a small 1-inch extension which fits into the flutes at the side tabs. The wires should not be visible from the outside of the stands.

What is the knockout?

Carefully finish cutting and remove the knockout with a sharp knife to create an opening for the light cord

What kind of lights can be used with the Poly Band StandTM?

We recommend the “Universal Klip-Lite” or Mighty Bright Duet (Battery Operated), which is generally available from stock from EM-BEE ideas. The stand shelf has a 1″ overlap and is

reinforced  at the top center to accommodate the clip. Other lights may work, but you will have to determine their usability for yourself.

What type of light bulb does the “Universal Klip-Lite” use?

Normal 25 or 40 watt tubular bulbs. They can be purchased at your local discount store. We do not provide bulbs.