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Poly Band Stand Dimensions

The Poly Band StandTM is Lightweight for Easy Portability

Superior strength to weight ratio. Each stand weighs less than 3 pounds. Folds up flat for quick toting and storing.

Strong and Durable For Your Peace of Mind

Constructed from special plastic fluted material that is moisture proof and solvent resistant. Proven long life under normal usage.

Attractive, Clean, Bright Colors That Make Your Band Stand Out!

Clean bright bold colors. Colors that will not crack, chip or peel off. Easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in White & Black. You may mix or match colors of base and top. Shelf wires and other accessories are sold seperately. Standard stands are recommended for sit down playing. Height of stand measured at front of stand.

We Are The Company We Keep

The Poly Band StandTM is used by world class musicians and bands around the world! The Count Basie Orchestra, The Glen Miller Orchestra, and The Fabulous Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra are just a few bands you'll see with the Poly Band Stand TM by Embee Ideas.

Available in Black or White and 3 Sizes

Available in white and black. You may mix or match colors of base and top. Height of stand measured at front of stand.

Poly Band Stand - Small

24" Poly Band StandTM
The 24” Standard Poly Band StandTM is great for seated playing since it allows more sound from the band to project into the room.


Poly Band Stand - Medium

32" Poly Band StandTM
The Intermediate 32” Poly Band StandTM is good for sit down players that want a taller stand.


Poly Band Stand - Large

40" Poly Band StandTM
The 40” Stand-Up Poly Band StandTM is recommended for all players that stand, leaders, and vocalists.


We can also customize The Poly Band StandTM to any height under 40” for an additional charge of $20.00 per stand.

*Graphics are NOT included in the price of the stand. Please see graphics page for details.

How To Order

It is easy to add the Poly Band StandTM to your repertoire. Click the "how to order" button below to find out all the details you need to send so you can get your own Poly Band StandTM.

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